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Design and New Construction

DMG Contractors has been involved with many new construction and renovation projects on apartment communities ranging from rebuilding fire damaged buildings from the ground up and building new clubhouse buildings to re-designing and renovating existing rental offices, clubhouses and commercial spaces.

We will spend the time with you at the property to review your ideas, the available space, and existing conditions. From there we can work with you to design the new project, advising you of the feasibility of your ideas and a cost analysis of the proposed work. Finally, we will provide the architect services to create construction drawing and specifications to obtain building permits, begin competitive bidding and build the job.

Our crews have experience in all phases of new construction and renovations of existing spaces. We pride ourselves on the ability to complete major renovations and construction project while keeping the space occupied and fully functional for the property staff as the situation requires. We can complete any project in a timely organized manner, maintaining a clean and safe job site providing excellent curb appeal for the property.

DMG Design and New Construction DMG Design and New Construction