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Full Exterior Painting

Our crews are experienced in complete exterior painting of all types of properties and surfaces. This includes pressure washing, prep work and applications of the proper finish coatings at each surface involved.

We carefully inspect and assess the conditions of all areas to be painted providing you with a complete spreadsheet of all wood replacements and other repairs required at each building with pricing for each item. Upon your approval our crews replace and repair all items as required to insure that your painting system will be applied to properly prepared and solid surfaces, guaranteeing you a beautiful and lasting finished product.

DMG Contractors has long standing relationship with all the major paint manufacturers. We work closely with them on each job, including job site meetings in the bidding stage to create the scope of work and identify the proper coating to be applied to each surface involved. We continue this working relationship with periodical job site inspections by the manufacturer throughout the project to confirm everything is being completed according to their specifications and solidifying your manufacturers guarantee of up to 25 years.

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